Bacchanal Beauties Series

This work highlight images of Women of the African Diaspora and the celebration of our to own our definitions of ourselves.  The images from the Bacchanal Beauties collection are an exploration of participation in Brooklyn's West Indian Carnival as a Revolutionary Act against mainstream ideas of beauty, decency, and acceptable behavior. The definition of the words beauty and bacchanal vary depending on who you ask and both contain multiple layers of meaning which relate to celebration, joy, love, communal understanding and so much more. 


Through their willingness to dance freely and openly adorned in outfits others might view to be inappropriate for their age or body type the Women featured in the images make it clear that their own personal definitions of Bacchanal and Beauty are the most important.


The creation and production of this work has allowed me to consider my own feelings, issues, insecurities and general beliefs about beauty, body shape, public expression of joy, boldness and where/how I developed them.


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