Tracy T. Brown’s career might best be described as eclectic. As a Visual Griot, community worker and spiritual warrior. Tracy is dedicated to applying her talents toward the development and liberation of her community. Tracy fell in love with photography at the age of 11 and has started sharing her passion through exhibitions and presentations.


Tracy holds a BA in Speech Pathology/Audiology from San Jose State University and an MA in Arts Politics from NYU. She has conducted seminars on substance abuse prevention, served as a mentor to countless youth, helped develop a curriculum for cross-cultural diversity training, sailed the eastern seaboard, built energy efficient mud stoves in West African villages, and so much more.


Currently, Tracy devotes the bulk of her time to her work as a community change agent, making art, caring for her parents and developing her creative projects. These projects include documentation of funerals worldwide, using art to educate and documenting whatever and whenever she is so moved.

Email:                        Tel: 510.557.2605

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